Ladies Bespoke

So it’s your big day or a special occasion coming up and you want a suit that looks amazing, or a designer dress with bespoke beading, corset or lace up that makes you feel fantastic. Being a gay man with a lesbian mother I understand the fashion and culture, so I appreciate the look you want to achieve and we will work together to design your perfect garments.

Your style options are endless, I can make whatever you want in your choice color and I can visit you in your home, office or you can come to my workshop in Hawarden on the outskirts of Chester. I will help design your garments and accessories choosing from hundreds of samples of cloth and linings or you can design you own linings which I will then use to construct your garment in my workshop. I will sketch your designs out. There will be a number of fittings during the process to obtain the perfect fit and you are welcome to make an appointment to visit at any time.


Having a garment made for you is a amazing experience, getting the right fit and look is everything and will make your day very special. Whether it's a life time event, a work outfit or special occasion you will feel confident and amazing in your garments. If you would prefer a more traditionally male style suit then I can also design and construct this style to fit your shape.