Gents Bespoke

Theres nothing quite like wearing a bespoke suit constructed from your designs made personally for your shape and height, that fits you perfectly.

My bespoke suits are all hand made using only the very best materials, including real horse-hair canvases, facings and working cuffs, all hand stitched. My quality is second to none and I ensure a perfect fit across the shoulders down to a snug fit at the waist. No matter how big or small, tall or short you are, I can produce the perfect fitting suit. The process is a great experience and most customers never go back to an off the peg suit again.

It starts with me drafting the paper pattern, constructing it to fit your body shape and will take into account your personal figurations such as a drop shoulder, tilt forward to back, long or short neck etc.

To have a pattern made for your body is totally different to an off the peg suit and will ensure the garment hugs your shape perfectly.

The suit is then cut matching the patterns on the cloth where possible, which can only be done when suit is hand cut. The facings and canvases are stitched in, and at every stage of the process the garment is checked to ensure only the finest workmanship in your completed suit.

The long seams of the garment are machine stitched but from then on its hand stitched from the facings to the stitching in of the canvas and shoulder pads, lapels and sleeve heads. The linings are machine stitched but mainly inserted with hand stitching.

At this point I will re-visit you to fit the garments on you to obtain the very best fit. I will be looking at the shoulders, waist, sleeve length and the swing of the coat to ensure it is balanced on you correctly, and I will make a note of any adjustments that are needed at this point.

The key thing to take into account is that measurement and shape are very different, my suits are made to fit you personally and therefore there may be differences in shape and sleeve lengths on each side of the body, something you dont find on a standard off-the-peg suit. The reason for this will become clear as you go through this process.

When I return to my workshop I re-cut and re-shape the garment if required and make any other adjustments needed.

The final stage is to insert buttons holes, which are either machine or hand done, and hand stitch on all the buttons. The suit is then pressed, brushed and bagged for the final fitting.

The last fitting is to ensure you are completely happy with the final fit. If there are any further adjustments to be made these will be done at this time so you feel confident and happy in your new bespoke suit.

I also like to take pictures of the completed garment for my files, and with your consent I will put them on my Facebook page to show others what can be done along with a little bit about yourself after your wedding or event.

Along with our bespoke suits we also specialise in a range of other bespoke garments and accessories such as shirts, ties, pocket squares, waistcoats and overcoats.

These will enhance any outfit and can be trimmed and personalised to your own specification for that truly individual look.

Making a bespoke suit takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish, there is no quick fix, it is hand constructed and not run off a factory line and that takes time for you to get what you are paying for. To make a bespoke suit it takes approx. 80 hours min and then there are fittings to account for, the weaving of cloth and delivery of supplies. For your suit we don’t just pick supplies off the shelf, every part of the suit is bespoke from the design, pattern drafting to shoulder pads and canvas, the list just goes on so please don’t expect your suit in a week it won’t happen. This is a true bespoke, hand-constructed suit for your body shape, think of it like a artist sculpturing the cloth to your body shape, that is an art in itself.